A few weeks ago, YouTube announced the availability of video podcasts and huge sums of money instead of voice for the popular podcaster, Now YouTube has announced a new big plan for podcasts.

A document leaked accidentally by YouTube has been reported by Tech Radar and other websites. First, there are plans to launch a separate podcast section for the app and YouTube website.

On the other hand, major websites like PodNow have created imaginary sketches and images that will appear in the YouTube app and website. According to YouTube, in the second phase, podcast RSS feeds will be provided

In addition, playlists, thumbnails, and other information will be presented clearly.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, But some technicians and analysts believe that a whole new section of the YouTube podcast might emerge this year.

There are still large and popular podcasters on YouTube. This is how YouTube wants to compete with Spotify, SoundCloud, and other platforms or make it a source of revenue. However, YouTube will rarely attract the masses of traditional podcast platforms and may take a long time.

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