In the not-too-distant future, TikTok videos would be clutter-free. Some TikTok users have noticed that there is a “Clear Mode” option that removes the UI overlay that is frequently seen on TikTok videos. Likes, comments, and shares, as well as the uploader’s username and caption, are already shown on TikTok’s screen.

The new Clear Mode option will delete everything with a single click. You may access it by pressing and holding the play button on a movie and then selecting Clear Mode from the pop-up menu.

The usual UI will return when you scroll to the next video. The technology is being tested by TikTok, although it’s unclear how many individuals have access to it. Given that it is now being tested by the public, it is fair to assume that the function will ultimately be made available to everyone.

Because the functionality is still under testing, we may expect some modifications in the final version, such as the ability to stay in Clear Mode after you move to the next movie.

It would be inconvenient for many people to have to enable Clear Mode for each video they view. However, TikTok may modify this in the future; however, there is no guarantee at this time.

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