A fan of the original Mass Effect has produced an opening credits sequence for the game in the manner of the League of Legends animated program Arcane, which is one of Netflix’s greatest shows.

The video, posted to Reddit by user ZeoNyph, substitutes the models of Arcane’s heroes with the major characters from Mass Effect. So, instead of Arcane’s sister stars Vi and Jynx, we get FemShep and Liara – possibly a touch too kind to the latter, as both Liara and Jynx are linked with the color blue.

Following that, there are brief glimpses of dull Kaiden Alenko in the role of Jayce, fan-favorite engineer fangirl Tali in the role of Viktor, and space bro Garrus – who, as a cop, takes the position of Caitlyn.

The charming Heimerdinger plays space racist Ashley, which seems harsh, while Liara (again) plays Mel and father figure Anderson plays Vander.

Silco is, of course, the big baddie Saren.

Yes, things are quiet in the Mass Effect world right now, but the space opera franchise’s next chapter is still a few years away.

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