Users of Windows 11 will be happy to hear some positive news from Microsoft. The corporation is updating its operating system with a slew of new security and productivity improvements. The business refers to them as “major OS upgrades.” Here are some of the major features to try if you’re using Windows 11:

1.Hacker alert

The phishing detection and prevention mechanisms in Windows 11 have been improved. The new functionality, which is part of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, will notify users if they enter their Microsoft credentials into a dangerous program or compromised website.

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2.Smart app control

Another security feature in Windows 11 gives the Smart app control additional clout. This will employ code signing in conjunction with Microsoft’s AI model to ensure that only trusted applications are allowed to run and that untrusted apps are automatically stopped.

3.System-wide Live Caption

A system-wide Live Caption function is coming to Windows 11. It is an accessibility feature that will aid users with hearing impairments and language learners in comprehending spoken material.

4.Dictate commands through voice access

Users with restricted movement and those suffering from repetitive stress injuries like as carpal tunnel syndrome will be able to operate their Windows 11 devices using voice commands thanks to the voice access feature in Windows 11. Users may use their PCs/laptops to voice commands, among other things.

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5.File Explorer gets Cloud ‘power’

Microsoft is improving File Explorer to include cloud capabilities, allowing users to quickly search and access data and files on their PC from a single location.

6.Do lot more in File explorer with Tabs

In File Explorer, Microsoft is also adding Tabs. In File Explorer, users will be able to pin files and create tabs.

As part of new meeting features, Windows 11 will include voice clarity, voice focus, portrait backdrop blur, eye contact, and automatic framing.

7.New features for video meetings

Microsoft has stated that new connectors between Windows 11 and Windows 365 will be available. The goal of the integration is to provide smooth mobility between the Cloud PC and the Local PC, as well as the ability to work offline and resync when the system is online without losing any data.

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