Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock During the live Oscar Awards 2022

During the live Oscar Awards 2022, American actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock for making inappropriate jokes against his wife.

According to media reports, the Oscar 2022 ceremony was underway in which comedian Chris Rock was hosting and making jokes. Meanwhile, he made fun of Will Smith’s wife’s hair falling out, and Will Smith, sitting down on the stage, got angry.

Best Actor Award winner Will Smith got up from his seat and walked comfortably to Chris Rock, who was watching him uncertainly. As he approached Chris, Will Smith slapped him in the face and then walked back to his seat. Will Smith’s move shocked everyone in the hall, including his wife, and silence reigned in the hall as Chris Rock’s face fell.

However, despite being slapped, he did not give up and tried to continue his jokes. So after getting back in his seat, Will Smith scolded Chris Rock and told him to shut up. The video of the incident went viral on social media and users reacted mixedly

Will Smith later apologized after receiving the King Richard Best Actor award at the ceremony.

Will Smith said in a statement “I want to apologize to the academy, I want to apologize to the nominees, This is a beautiful moment and I’m not crying for the joy of winning an award, love drives you crazy and I love my art immensely.”

It should be noted that Will’s wife Jedda is suffering from hair loss.

Will Smith apologized for the slap

Will Smith posted on Instagram calling his behavior unacceptable and unforgivable.He wrote, ‘Chris! I would like to apologize to you in public, I crossed the line, I was wrong. ‘

In his statement, actor Will Smith also apologized to the academy, the show’s producers, participants, viewers and King Richard.

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