At the Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2022, Wideblue, a product design, development, and manufacturing organisation, showcased medical device developments. Rob Lacey covers the Midlands, the Southwest, and London.

Wideblue has been producing medical gadgets since 2006. Last year, both turnover and headcount increased. Pivot acquired the largest design business in Scotland.

Professor “Medical devices were on display at Expo 2022.” Our projects make use of innovation. Patients are helped by top medical equipment makers. “The company enhances Scottish health.”

Lumiscope Calcivis Calcivis photoprotein shows teeth. Handheld medical devices are controlled by a “one-touch” computer; a brightness sensor is included (light flash). In less than a second, patented software provides a demineralization “hot-spot” image map, increasing patient involvement. The company and Calcivis collaborated to create a product in the United Kingdom.

Neurosurgical screws are driven using Cranofacio Drill Drivers. Researchers (Philippines).

Peek designed ophthalmoscopes. Peek’s glasses were enhanced by the company. Wideblue’s lenses are manufactured by Zemax. Handmade outcomes. For a UK startup, the company offered DFM and injection molding.
MedicalSoftcell analyses pH levels to determine organ blood flow constraints. We’ll be testing 15 prototypes soon. The pH system assesses ischemia or localized tissue death, which can progress to compartment syndrome or generalized tissue death.

Wideblue, warm. The transportation of accident victims creates concerns. Heat is generated by spine and scoop stretchers. Hypothermia causes injury to wounded persons.

Wideblue, SME, and EAAA collaborated on the development of a foldable, cushioned warm transmission device. responder’s Each patient receives a single-use plastic cover to prevent cross-contamination. Customers include A&E departments, aviation, road, military, ski patrol, and mountain rescue.

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