Test cricket is considered to be the greatest cricket in the world in which bowlers or batsmen all get a good chance to show their performance. According to the Epost details, today we will talk about the famous batsmen who have been at the first position in the ICC Test rankings since 2009.

Mohammad Yousuf 2009

Former Pakistan legend Mohammad Yousuf, who topped the list in 2009, scored 7530 runs in 90 matches in his Test career, scoring 24 centuries and 33 half-centuries.

 Shunarain Chanderpaul Koka 2012

Former West Indies batsman Shunarain Chanderpaul Koka topped the 2012 Test rankings, scoring 11,867 runs for the West Indies in 164 Test matches.

Chanderpaul scored 30 centuries and 66 half-centuries.

Kumar Sangakkara 2015

Former Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara, who topped the 2015 Test rankings, then played 134 Test matches and scored 12,400 runs.

Sangakkara scored 38 centuries and 52 half-centuries in his Test career.

AB de Villiers 2015

AB de Villiers represented South Africa in 874 runs in 114 Test matches and topped the 2015 Test rankings.

De Villiers scored 22 centuries and 46 half-centuries in his Test career.

Virat Kohli 2019

Then there is the famous Indian batsman Virat Kohli who has scored 8043 runs in 101 Test matches representing India and topped the 2019 Test rankings. Virat has scored 27 centuries and 28 half centuries in his Test career.

Ken Williamson 2021

In the 2021 Test rankings, the Kiwi batsman was Ken Williamson who represented New Zealand in 86 Test matches and scored 7272 runs.

Williamson scored 24 centuries and 33 half-centuries in his Test career.

Joe Root 2021

Joe Root topped the 2021 Test rankings, scoring 9889 runs in 117 Tests for England, scoring 25 centuries and 53 half-centuries in his Test career.

Marin LeBushin 2022

In the recent Test rankings, Australian batsman Marin LeBushin is the play number who has represented Australia in 26 Test matches and scored 2390 runs.

Leboschin has so far scored 6 centuries and 13 half-centuries in Test cricket.

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