WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, has made the voice messaging feature easier and better for users. If you use WhatsApp, you will definitely use the Voice Messages feature.

For more than 2 billion users, the WhatsApp administration has made the voice messaging feature more convenient, fulfilling everyone’s biggest problem and wish.

What’s new in the voice messaging feature?

Voice message helps you to send an audio message instantly but if there is any recording error then it has to be recorded again. But now WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will allow users to pause and then play the recording of voice messages.

This way, if the user realizes an error after recording something, he will not need to complete the recording again. Even before sending a message, it will be possible to listen to it and send it so that no wrong thing can be done or any other thing can be a part of it.

In addition, users will now be able to listen to a voice message outside the chat window

Voice messages will now be shown in view form instead of a line and Messenger will remember where you posed for playback, even after exiting the app and returning, the message will be played again from the same place so that the whole message will not be heard again.

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