WhatsApp has started a new camera interface for Android: WhatsApp is rapidly improving its features and services. In the latest update, the file-sharing size has been increased to 2 GB. Now for Android, WhatsApp has also announced a new camera interface that some users are using under beta testing.

The great app, which has been downloaded more than a 5billion times so far, has the status of the most popular instant messaging app in the world. However, more than 2 billion users are still using WhatsApp with restrictions. Now WhatsApp has introduced a new camera interface for Android iOS.

However, it will soon be commonplace around the world. The first to report this was the Web site Beta Info, a website that reports on WhatsApp services. A new media bar has been added to the new interface. Apart from this, other important options have also come up.

The first facility is the one that has been announced earlier, ie the capacity to send audio and especially video files has been increased to 2 GB.

Second, the choice of media has been made slightly easier, WhatsApp has also announced that six new features are being introduced in voice messaging which will be announced soon.

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