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Yes, WhatsApp has started testing the feature of transferring data or files larger than 2GB from one phone to another, fulfilling the long wish of its users. Corporate and media houses were feeling the pinch because it was not possible to send files larger than 2GB on WhatsApp before.

Important This feature has been given to some beta users in the US and Europe in which they can send 2GB of files from one phone to another through beta testing.

This is a very important development of WhatsApp, it can include videos, voice messages, and documents.

It should be noted that this was first reported on a website WA Beta Info which brings the news of the beta version of WhatsApp. According to this website, this feature was first given to the users of South America. However, according to other websites, some Canadian consumers along with the United States are also benefiting from it.

However, it is important to note that this testing has been started on both Android and iOS software simultaneously. It should be noted that before this only 100 MB files could be sent on WhatsApp. It is very interesting here that if the file size was even 101 then WhatsApp could not send it.

Everyone knows that Gmail has only 25MB of file sending capacity, so WhatsApp’s move is commendable, which is almost eight times more than Gmail, which can easily transfer with one click.

It is important to note here that WhatsApp is a very reliable platform from which no file has been leaked yet so the WhatsApp platform is reliable for many important documents.

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