WhatsApp Announces Unique Feature for Users, WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, is about to offer a unique feature to its users. A website that monitors changes in WhatsApp, the messaging app is developing a unique feature that will allow users to simultaneously log in to different smartphones with the help of one account.

WhatsApp recently introduced a multi-device support feature for Android and iOS users that allows users to use their WhatsApp accounts on four devices and one smartphone at a time.

Now moving further in the same feature, the Meta-owned company wants to enable an account to be used on different smartphones.

According to the report, this feature has been included in the update of WhatsApp beta version for Android. The company is also working to provide support for contemporary Android devices.

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A screenshot of this feature released by Beta users shows that the user has to go to the ‘Register Device as Companion’ section to activate it.

The QR that appears on the first device can be scanned for the user to register the app on another smartphone or tablet.

However, the report states that this feature is currently in the development stages and will soon be released for Android users.

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