WhatsApp announces rewards for users, The messaging application WhatsApp has offered cashback rewards for its users. The messaging app has announced a cashback reward of Rs 33 for every three transactions.

According to the announcement, the offer is for a limited time only for Indian consumers. All such users who are eligible for cashback will be able to view the reference banner on their WhatsApp accounts. However, users who do not see this banner will be able to see the ‘Gift’ icon when sending money to another user.

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The announcement by WhatsApp management comes at a time when regulatory approval has been given to expand the payment services to 40 million users in India by expanding the payment services to a Meta-owned instant messaging application.

WhatsApp’s service has created stiff competition for Google Pay, PTM, PhonePay, and other Indian digital payment companies.

It may be recalled that the messaging app had last year introduced a feature for sending and receiving remittances through the app to users in India which was very popular across the country.

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