WhatsApp announces community feature this year to better organize groups. The owner of WhatsApp, Meta Platforms, has announced that the new feature will be useful for offices, ie workplaces, and schools. According to Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, this feature will allow groups limited to 256 members to become part of a system where admins can send alerts to a community of thousands.

Regarding the new feature, which is currently used by a limited number of users, WhatsApp says that it does not intend to set a price yet, however, offering premium service for companies has not been ruled out.WhatsApp, which has more than two billion users, says the communities feature will also be end-to-end encrypted.

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Users will not be able to search communities as a way to combat spamming and hate speech.WhatsApp also plans to use the message forwarding limit and other anti-abuse tools in the new features.

According to WhatsApp, a number of changes will be made to the group’s features before the communities launch. Under the new changes, 32 people can now be added to voice calls. The file size will be increased to 2 GB.

Emoji reactions can be added to messages and admins will have the option to remove unwanted messages from any chat. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said a few days ago that the communities feature will be introduced in the next few months.

He said that Meta is introducing community messaging features for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp introduced advanced privacy settings, after which users will now be able to hide their profile information from specific contacts. After the update to beta version of Android, users will now be able to choose the contacts that will see their profile picture, last seen, and account information.

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WhatsApp released this update four months ago but its access was limited to specific users. However, the app has now been introduced to the general users as well.

In the month of April, it was also reported that the popular messaging app WhatsApp is introducing a new update in which it will now be impossible to send forwarded messages to more than one group.

According to Web Beta Info, a site that monitors every activity of WhatsApp, in the latest update of WhatsApp, users will now be warned when they try to send a pre-forwarded message to various WhatsApp groups.WhatsApp will alert you that forwarded messages can only be sent to a group chat.

This feature was first introduced for some Android beta users but now it is being extended to more testers and iOS users.

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