What are the new car prices in Pakistan?, With rising inflation in Pakistan, car prices are also rising. New prices are becoming a problem for car buyers. In this news today we will know about the latest Pkr prices of all cars till April 2022.

1- Suzuki Car Prices

The latest Pkr prices of Suzuki models are given below.

Suzuki Alto VX: Prices range from 1.425 million to 1.6 million.

Suzuki Alto VXR: Currently priced at 1.67 million.

Suzuki Wagon R (VXR): The price is 2 million 19 thousand.

Suzuki Bolan cargo price: 1.27 million.

Suzuki Wagon R (VXL): The new price is 2.129 million.

Suzuki Cultus: The new price of 22 lakh 50 thousand.

The new price of Suzuki Cultus VXL: 24.76 million.

The latest price of Suzuki Swift GL: 1 lakh 3 thousand.

The new price of Suzuki Swift GLX: 31.69 million.

Suzuki APV: Currently priced at 6,290,000.

2- Honda Car Prices

The latest prices of Honda models are as follows.

Honda City 2. LS: The current price is 31.29 million.

Honda City 5.1: The new price is 34.46 million.

HOND CITY 5.1 A / C: The new price is 3.749 million.

Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo: Price is 6499,000.

Honda Accord CVT: 15.4 million.

3 – KIA Car Prices

The latest prices of KIA models are given below.

The new price of Kia Picanto is2.6 million.

The latest price of Kia Stank is 4.425 million.

KIA Sportage: The new price is 6 million.

KIA Sorrento: The current price of 68.36 million.

KIA Carnival’s new price is 91.99 million.

4- Toyota Car Prices

Popular car brand Toyota models have hit new prices.

The latest price of Toyota Corolla X 1.6: 37.49 million

The new price of Toyota Corolla X 1.8: 42.99 million has been allocated.

Toyota Fortuner G: Price is 94.99 million.

Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4: Price is 11.489 million

Toyota Fortuner V: Currently priced at 19.4 million.

Toyota Fortuner Legend: The new price of 12 million 99 thousand.

Toyota Hilux Review: Price is 93.19 million

5- Changan Car Prices

See below for the latest prices of Changan car models.

The price of Changan M9 is 1.784 million.

Changan Caravan: The price is 2 million 69 thousand.

Changan Caravan Plus: The price is 2.19 million.

Changan Alswin Lomer: The price is 32.19 million.

Changan Suwin Comfort: The price is 3 million 24 thousand.

2- Hyundai car prices.

Find out the latest prices of Hyundai models below.

Hyundai Sonata 2.0: Price is 68.49 million.

Hyundai Tucson FWD: Price is 57.99 million.

Hyundai Tucson AWD: Price is Rs.

Hyundai Sonata 2.5: Price is 77.49 million.

Hyundai Santa Fe: Price 18,500,000.

Hyundai Grand Starix GL: Price is 4.549 million.

Hyundai Grand Starix GLS: Price is 5 million 99 thousand.

Hyundai Grand Starix GLX: Priced at 58.99 million

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