Visa Card and MasterCard,

  • MasterCard says it has decided to suspend its MasterCard service in Russia
  • Visa Card says all Visa Card payments within Russia will soon be discontinued.
  • PayPal says that in the current situation, we will stop all payments made through PayPal inside Russia.

Card companies Visa MasterCard and even PayPal, which make international payments, have decided to close all their operations to Russia in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine: Ukraine Crisis

Visa Card Suspend In Russia

Visa Card says “it will close all its operations inside Russia with its clients and partners in the next few days.”

The companies that make international payments possible have already said they will comply with US and international sanctions in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

MasterCard Suspend

MasterCard says “its cards issued by Russian banks will no longer co-operate with the company’s network.MasterCard added that our customers are affected by word crises that they did not even imagine”.

Russia Center Bank

Russia’s central bank says” Visa and MasterCard issued by Russian banks will continue to operate inside Russia until their expiration date.But internationally these cards will no longer work”

Russia’s central bank warns Russians traveling abroad to keep with them alternative means of payment

Paypal Operations Closed In Russia

Within hours of the imposition of Visa and MasterCard sanctions on Russia, PayPal also closed its operations to Russia.Here, the CEO of PayPal said

” that in the current situation, we are suspending PayPal services in Russia”.

As many as 24 major corporations have closed their operations inside Russia since Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

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