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Former Indian captain and ace batter Virat Kohli believes Pakistan captain Babar Azam is “arguably the best batsman in the world right now across [all] forms.”

Kohli told Star Sports that Azam was playing “consistently and deservedly so, he has fantastic potential and I’ve always liked watching him play.”

Recounting his past and first encounter with Azam at the 2019 Cricket World Cup, Kohli stated that Azam has shown him “regard and respect” since “day one.” “That hasn’t changed,” he says.

“It hasn’t changed since he is now performing and finding his voice. I don’t see his attitude or approach toward me changing, which is a really positive indicator of someone who is extremely anchored in the foundations of his upbringing, as well as his cricketing roots.”

Azam, according to Kohli, “goes a long way” and “inspires many.”

“I praised him yesterday on how he has been playing and told him how fantastic it is to see, and I wish him the best.”

He was alluding to his meeting with Azam in Dubai on Wednesday, where the two exchanged cordial greetings ahead of the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup match on Sunday.

Azam “earned all of this,” according to Kohli, and athletes like him are required to make world cricket “interesting.” “That is the truth of the situation,” he went on to say.

Last month, Azam also expressed his support for Kohli, telling him that any difficulties he was through at the moment would be brief.

The statement was sent in response to criticism of the Indian cricketer’s recent poor performance.

In the meantime, when asked about the upcoming Sunday match against Pakistan and how his feelings had changed since previous encounters, Kohli said, “I won’t run away from the fact that the atmosphere on the outside is very different to any other game… [but] this doesn’t have to be a world cup game.”

He stated that as a player, “it is [like] any other game for you… normal business” as you get onto the pitch.

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