Have you ever found yourself trapped in a WhatsApp group discussion that has gotten too noisy or irrelevant to quit because you don’t want to offend friends or family?

There may be a solution shortly when it was reported that WhatsApp is creating a new feature that allows you to secretly depart a group conversation without notifying other users.

One of the most vexing aspects of WhatsApp (and many other instant messaging applications) is the group of users who do not want to be a part of a group but may quit the group in such a way that the other members may not notice.

This problem, however, may be rectified soon, since WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to precisely eliminate unsuitable groups.

According to Watseta Beta Info, a website that gives information on WhatsApp updates, this feature is still being developed and will be upgraded in the future.

With this new feature, when a user quits a group, only the group admins are alerted, while other members remain unaware.

This functionality is now available in the WhatsApp desktop beta, but it will most likely be rolled out to Android and iOS in the future.

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