Ukraine establishes world’s first NFT war museum

Ukraine has begun to rely heavily on cryptocurrencies to revive its war-torn economy. Ukraine has launched ‘Meta History: NFT War Museum‘ for cryptocurrency funding in the form of digital assets. The museum will house a collection of all these digital images of the series, which tells a new story of Jordan’s day.

The purpose of this non-fungal token series is to disseminate factual information. Ukraine’s Minister for Digital Transformation says that since the Russian invasion, we have received more than 65 million worth of cryptocurrency as donations.

One of the purposes of setting up this NFT museum is to increase the collection of donations in corrupt currency. The collection will feature a series of all-digital images, including warplane sketches, newspaper clippings, and cartoon-style bombings.

What is an NFT?

The sale and purchase of digital assets through cryptocurrency are presented in the form of non-fungal tokens. But an image on a piece of paper would not be an NFT, but a digital image, the first YouTube video, Apple’s first code, or CNN’s first web patch.

Simply put, any masterpiece created in digital or cyberspace would be called NFT

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