The scope of cryptocurrency is taking over the playgrounds of governments and institutions. UFC 273 fighters will receive bitcoins as prizes, A few days ago, the NFT platform was presented for auction at Mystery Boxes Conclave based on the artwork of boxing ring emperor Mike Tyson.

The world’s most popular Mixed Martial Arts Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange have announced ‘crypto bonuses’ for UFC players.

According to a joint statement issued by UFC and, players participating in the championship will be given a bonus in the form of digital currency based on the votes of the fans. Named ‘Fan Bonus of the Night’, the program is divided into three categories.

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The Bitcoin Bonus will be given in the form of cryptocurrency to the top three players of UFC Pay-Pre-views. All three players will be judged on the basis of votes received from spectators around the world.

According to the report, the three lucky players will also be given an additional cash prize of 60,000 dollars. Winners of the first round will be paid $30,000, $20,000 in the second round, and $10,000 will be paid to the winners of the third round.

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Paid bitcoins will be exchanged in US dollars at an exchange rate, UFC’s first bitcoin fan bonus UFC pay-per-view match UFC 273: Volkinsky vs. Korean Zombie will take place on April 9.

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