The microblogging platform Twitter is now adding a way for users to get out of any conversation. To this end, a tool called “Enhancing” is being introduced which gives users the option to quietly leave any unpleasant conversation.

Twitter said in a post from its official account how you can prevent yourself from being added. According to the post, the ‘Enhancing’ tool is being tested.

It’s a way for you to save your peace of mind and get yourself out of the conversation that is now available on the web for some of your users. Users who have access to this tool will select the option from the menu that appears in the Tweet corner. Users can then click on “Live this conversation”.

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In this case, the user is removed from the conversation ie the username is removed from the conversation so that it is not mentioned again and thus no further notifications will be sent to it.

Users have had the option to “mute” for some time, but so far there has been no easy way out of any Twitter conversation. This could lead to problems for users who were being harassed or targeted. However, people will still be able to add these users back to the conversation

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