Twitter offered an edit button on-demand, Twitter users have long demanded an edit button like Facebook, and now the edit button can be seen on a BlueTick account. This means that users will now be able to read and modify their messages before tweeting. Twitter has said after an internal trial that the feature will be rolled out first in the next few weeks on the accounts of BlueTuck, the most qualified and authorized users. Then more users will be able to adopt it.

There are still tens of millions of tweets, spelling mistakes, or hastily written messages per second. Senders like this face embarrassment.

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Twitter Vice President Jay Sullivan has said that editing of Twitter has been requested for many years and now users will be able to do it easily. He said that the right of the people to speak and speak is their priority and in this regard, this long-standing demand has been met.

It should be noted that despite the public demand, the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was reluctant to offer the edit facility. He thought that after the spread of tweets, any user would be able to get up and change it, which would open a new front for problems. This is how people create digital temptations by editing photos or posting distorted videos.

But still Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms offer the facility of editing and even the original post can be edited or promoted by reducing it. Some have called it Twitter’s April Fool’s joke, but Twitter has said it is serious about adding an edit button.

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