Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow Twitter users to share their follower’s tweets, just as they can be shared on other social media applications.

Twitter Circle balances public and private accounts. Twitter is now making it possible for tweets to be shared by up to 150 people.

Twitter has announced that some tweets are for everyone and others are only for those you choose.

Twitter added that we are now testing the Twitter circle in which you will be able to share a tweet with 150 people.

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After this feature, Twitter will be similar to the feature of close friends on Instagram, after which users will be able to share the post with a small circle of their followers.

Some Twitter users will have instant access to the Twitter circle. However, it is not clear whether it will be released on a large scale.

This feature is one of the many features that have been around for a long time, including the ‘Edit’ button.

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