Toyota Motors has partnered with Tesla, Toyota Motors subsidiary Woven Planet Holdings has partnered with Elon Musk’s electric car maker Tesla to develop the world’s cheapest electric car. According to the Express Tribune, through this partnership, the two companies will develop an automatic electric vehicle in which cheap cameras will be installed instead of expensive sensors.

Owen Planet told Reuters news agency that the company’s experts have already successfully experimented with operating their self-driving system by collecting data through low-cost cameras.

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This achievement was a major breakthrough through which it is hoped that on the one hand the cost of electric vehicles will be reduced and on the other hand further innovation in the technology of these vehicles.

“We need a lot of data for this purpose,” Michael Benesh, vice president of engineering at Von Planet, told the news agency.

The cheap cameras we want to use for this purpose are 90% cheaper than the sensors currently used in automatic electric vehicles. ”

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