TikTok Creator Portal is now available in Pakistan.

On Monday, TikTok launched its Creator Portal in Pakistan, a one-stop shop for instructional resources on content production for TikTok artists. The portal, which can be accessed via the TikTok account @tiktokcreatorspakistan, is a series of films that will give creators direction, tips, and techniques for maximizing their in-app presence and taking their videos to the next level.

It will assist creators in delving further into modules like storytelling, community building, and creative effects, with the goal of stimulating and broadening content production on the platform.

“Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok,” according to a TikTok statement. They make the app a welcome environment where millions of people come for entertainment, learning, and pleasure, and TikTok gives everyone the opportunity to reach an audience without being a star or social influencer with a significant following. While being a creator is as simple as pressing a few buttons, thriving as a creative requires time, effort, and a little education. With so many tools, statistics, effects, and creative ideas to consider on a TikTok account, developing a content strategy might be difficult.

Only a day earlier, a young guy was killed while making a TikTok video in a canal near Phiphara hamlet in Mandi Bahauddin, as violent occurrences involving TikTokers have increased in recent months.

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