The latest monthly update for Xbox is now available, which usually means a couple of new features for users to look forward to, as well as some fixes for specific problems and other adjustments. The same is true this month, with May’s update introducing two major enhancements. One is a social feature that will allow Xbox users to better demonstrate what they’re up to, and the other is a tagging service that might potentially be perceived as a social feature, given that it may help preserve the quality of various social events in which players may participate.

This console update does not include standard patch notes like earlier updates, but Xbox has once again released a comprehensive post describing its contents on the Xbox Wire. There, Xbox discussed the new “stories” feature that would be available on the Xbox app. It’s a function that’s currently available on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and it’ll allow gamers to make a fast slideshow for their friends to view.

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“The stories channel is located right on the home screen of the Xbox app,” said Kristen Mann, principal group program manager on the Xbox experiences team. “To create a story, click the + button on your Gamertag located within the stories channel, and then select the game clip, screenshot, or achievement that you want to post from the gallery. Once selected, you will go to a story preview page where you can choose to add a caption to your post and then click the post button located on the bottom right. The stories channel shows content from the last 72 hours, and anything you share is also posted to your activity feed on your profile.”

This time, “Quality of Service Tagging” is a new feature. Users can use this tagging option to mark the features they use the most frequently so that they are prioritized when online congestions occur. These include multiplayer components as well as party chat, with further information available on the Xbox support website.

“Quality of Service (QoS) tagging is a feature that sets priority values on latency-sensitive outbound networking traffic such as party chat, console streaming, and multiplayer (in supported games),” the support article reads. “Under ideal networking circumstances, you shouldn’t notice much of a difference between having the traffic tagged versus untagged. But during times of network congestion, supported networks will prioritize tagged traffic over untagged or lower priority tagged traffic to reduce impacts to latency and throughput.”

For those who don’t have these updates configured to download automatically, the May update should be available immediately.

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