The world’s largest white diamond show is expected to sell for 30 million dollar in Dubai

World’s largest white diamond in Dubai: A large diamond called ‘The Rock’ was unveiled for the first time in Dubai yesterday before the auction, where it is expected to sell for over 30 million dollar.

According to the AFP news agency, the British auction house Christie’s said that this 228.31 carat diamond was mined and polished in South Africa 20 years ago and is the largest white diamond ever to be auctioned.

It will be on display at the auction house’s Dubai branch from March 26 to 29, after which it will go to The Rock, Taipei, New York and Geneva, where it will be auctioned on May 11.

Rahul Kadakiya, the international head of jewelery at Christie’s, told AFP that important gems and gemstones have always been highly valued in the Middle East.

He said “We thought it would be good for us to launch a diamond in an area where there is an appreciation of such important gems, the largest diamond carved by the Gemological Institute of America,The current D-Z color is a pear-shaped diamond”

Julien Bruni, international head of Christie’s Jewelry Private Sales, said it was the largest white diamond ever sold at auction and would probably sell for more than 30 million dollar.

He said “We have seen a huge demand for diamonds in the region in the last few years, and the UAE and the Gulf countries have always been key markets for unique diamonds and gems,”

The previous largest auction of the world’s largest colorless diamond was 163.41 carats, which sold for 33.7 million in November 2017.

In London, Sotheby’s sold the Angma last month, the largest black diamond ever to be auctioned, at 555.55 carats for 43 million dollar.

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