The world’s first tweet auctioned for 48 million on NFT, Cryptocurrency has shaken up the world’s financial system, but the auction of digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is setting a new precedent. A few months ago, the world’s first SMS sold for millions of dollars, and now the first tweet of Jack Dorsey, the founder of the microblogging app Twitter, has sold for 48 million dollars on the same platform.

Jack Dorsey’s tweet, titled “Just Setting Up My Tweet” in March 2006, was the world’s first tweet. The historic Twitter tweet was bought in March 2021 by Sina Istavi, chief executive officer of Malaysia’s blockchain service Bridge Oracle Sina Astavi, for $29 million.

However, the NFT Marketplace OpenC has been re-auctioned for $48 million.

Before finalizing the auction, Istavi said in a tweet that “I donated 50% (approximately 25 million) of the proceeds from the sale of NFT (the world’s first tweet) and then proceeds to the charity ‘Guidirectly’.” Decided to donate.

In response to Astavi’s tweet, Jack Dorsey said, “Why not 99%?”

The Open Sea Priya tweet has sold for 14,969 Ethereum ( $48 million).

What is an NFT?

The sale and purchase of digital assets through cryptocurrency are presented in the form of non-flammable tokens. But an image on a piece of paper would not be an NFT but could be a digital image, YouTube’s first video, Apple’s first code, or CNN’s first web patch.

Simply put, any masterpiece created in digital or cyberspace would be called an NFT.

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