The world football organization FIFA is paving the way for the lifting of Pakistan’s suspension. The overwhelming majority of the FIFA Congress has voted in favor of lifting the ban if Pakistan meets the conditions.

FIFA’s 72nd Congress met in Doha, Qatar, to vote on the restoration of Pakistan’s membership, with 195 members voting in favor of Pakistan and only four against.

Following the FIFA Congress vote, the FIFA Council now has the power to lift the suspension of Pakistan as soon as the conditions are met. The main conditions for lifting the suspension of Pakistan are the formal submission of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) headquarters and PFF accounts to the formal normalization committee.

The PFF offices have been handed over to the committee. However, the process of transfer of formal accounts has not been completed yet. As soon as this process is completed, the suspension of Pakistan will end.

It should be noted that FIFA had suspended Pakistan’s membership after the Ashfaq Hussain group took over the offices of the Pakistan Football Federation last year.

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