Elon Musk Tesla Owner

  • A taxi driver has filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk Company Tesla
  • The taxi driver said that his car raced too much and the brakes did not work
  • One person was also killed in the crash

Paris – A taxi driver in France has filed a lawsuit against the world’s richest man Elon Musk’s electric car maker Tesla.

According to the Epost, the taxi driver’s ‘Tesla Model 3‘ car was destroyed in a terrible accident in December last year.One person was killed in the crash

The driver attributed the accident to a technical fault in the car and a lawsuit was filed against the company.According to the report, the car of the taxi driver went out of control and ran over the people and things standing on the side of the road.

The vehicle crushed several bicycles and collided with a van trampling a passerby and came to a halt. The passerby died on the spot

The taxi driver told police on the spot that his car raced too fast and the brakes did not work.

He said he was helpless in the driver’s seat and the car was running on its own. Tesla has not yet commented on the matter.

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