The surprising decline in the value of the dollar, The dollar depreciated sharply during the interbank market, According to the details, shortly after the start of trading in the interbank market, the dollar has depreciated by 1 rupee 43 paise, after which the dollar is being sold at 183.25 paise while the dollar has depreciated by 4 rupees 93 paise in the last two days.

Earlier, the dollar had closed at Rs 188.18 on April 7, the highest level in the country. On the other hand, the dollar is trading above Rs 186 in the open market.

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The profound effects of the changing situation in the country’s politics are also beginning to be seen on the stock market because when the stock market opens today, the business is booming and the business people are looking very happy.

According to the details, when the shares started trading in the stock market, the 100 Index was at 44,444 points, which started to increase after a while and went away. The index has so far increased by 1,416 points to 45,860. Points have been reached.

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