Sega has assured fans that the bug-ridden Sonic Origins will be updated. A Sega community manager announced on Twitter last night that the publisher had received user criticism and was working on numerous adjustments.

“Hey! Thank you for your understanding!” Sega penned the piece. “The team has been listening and is now trying to resolve a number of concerns. We’ll make sure to send out additional formal messages as we have more information for everyone.”

Sonic Oranges, which was released last month to a lacklustre reception, was panned for a variety of technical difficulties.

Sonic Origins creator Headcannon’s Simon “Stealth” Thomley even turned to Twitter to accuse Sega of adding “wild flaws” into the game that were not there when the game code was given over for distribution.

“Integration brought some weird bugs that conventional thinking would lead one to believe were our fault – a lot of them aren’t,” he stated.

The problems persist, regardless of who was to blame.

“Glitches and a costly price make for a difficult sell,” Digital Foundry’s John Linneman noted in his Sonic Origins tech review, pointing out difficulties with picture quality and typos, as well as glitches that cause characters to become trapped and race off the stage, killing them.

“Really, it feels like Sega needs to slow down a little – the past three vintage re-releases all came with technical flaws that should have been rectified before launch,” John said. “With items like these, they risk burning their clients, and I hope they realise this before it’s too late.”

One thing that will not change is fans’ dissatisfaction with the compilation’s Sonic 3 music. It replaces the original with new arrangements by composer Jun Senoue, most likely because Michael Jackson initially composed music for the game, as verified by Sonic inventor Yuji Naka in a shocking sequence of tweets.

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