The return of Angry Birds, The popularity of FarmVille and Angry Birds in the early days of smartphones has hardly been matched by any other game since then. The Angry Birds had enslaved everyone, young and old. The creator of Angry Bird, Roviklassics, has announced the launch of a remake of this 2012 classic game.

According to Review, Angry Birds is now popular on Google Play and Apple Store, but users will not be able to play it for free as before. The company’s Angry Birds Quan app can be downloaded for 99 cents without purchase.

The game has been redesigned on a new engine to give developers the best performance on new devices. In this regard, the developers say that we have given more than 390 levels with all the original chapters in the new game while preserving the classic game experience of 2012.

The game’s roster includes all the classic characters of 2012, including Estraig and others. Mighty Eagle is also provided free of charge for the roster. In the classic game, in-app purchases were offered for it.

The original Angry Birds was removed from the app store by the developer in 2019, after which Angry Birds fans launched a campaign on various social media platforms with the hashtag #BringBack2012.

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