The PUBG update includes a new crafting system.

Players in PUBG: Battlegrounds may now employ a new crafting system, albeit it’s probably not the type of crafting system you were hoping for. This one focuses primarily on cosmetics and allows players to assemble skins from various materials, as was done in Update 18.2. Unfortunately, this method adds extra chests and resources to sift through in order to utilize it, so be prepared to dig through them in order to use the new crafting option.

The PUBG team has dubbed this mechanism the “Workshop,” and it offers two options: Regular Crafting and Special Crafting. To utilize the Workshop, you’ll need either Hunter’s Chest or an Archivist’s Chest, both of which can be purchased from the in-game store, and to open them, you’ll need a key, which can also be purchased from the store or obtained by assembling three key fragments.

When utilizing the Normal Crafting method, the contents of these boxes are Imprints, Vouchers, and Credits, however, Artisan Tokens are needed in Special Crafting. The appeal of all of this is that you may make stuff that was previously available in the shop, Survivor Passes, or esports items that would otherwise be unavailable through conventional means. In comparison, Special Crafting allows players to construct new cosmetics, and if you don’t like any of the resources or pieces you’ve collected, you can break them down to repurpose them and perhaps obtain something you desire.

To be honest, it seems complicated, but most crafting systems are until you get into them and start working through their many elements. The unpredictability of the contents of the chests won’t thrill individuals who already feel they have enough cosmetics to browse at, but for those who are continuously trying to add to their collection, this provides a means to get past items you may have missed.

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