The next Rainbow Six Siege operation has been revealed, with a major revelation set for just under two weeks. On Saturday, Ubisoft announced that the next phase of Rainbow Six Siege DLC would be dubbed “Operation Vector Glare,” and that it will be fully disclosed on May 22nd.

While it wasn’t indicated in the release from Saturday, we assume the Operation will be unveiled during the Six Charlotte Major, which is set to conclude on May 22nd. These unveilings are often related to esports events, so we assume the Operation will be disclosed during the Six Major.

The Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account has released the first official teaser for Operation Vector Glare. Players may be able to put together a few clues about the future Operation from what’s revealed there, as they have in the past.

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That character is most likely the next Operator, and a weapon on the table may hint at what they will employ. The blueprint underneath that weapon is very definitely the layout of the map that will be delivered in the future Operation.

According to the Siege 2022 roadmap, this next Operation will include a new Operator, another Team Deathmatch map, an event, and another arcade mode, as well as additional features like a Shooting Range where players may practice their bullets.

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Players will receive a new combat pass to work through, as with any of the new Operations published annually.

That’s all we know officially about the forthcoming Operation, but plenty of leaks have already been revealed informally in the last several months to give away the surprises. According to one of the leaks, and Operator dubbed “Sens” would be arriving from Belgium, as the plan said.

Another leak revealed the Operator’s complete loadout, including their unique gadget, which allegedly sends out a stream of smoke akin to Viper’s Toxic Screen ability from Valorant, however, it’s unclear if this ability has any damage. Another leak, displayed below, showed an image of an Operator who appears to be quite similar to the one featured in the official teaser.

All will be revealed on May 22nd, so stay tuned to find out what Operation Vector Glare has in store.

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