Sony’s highly anticipated new version of its PlayStation Plus subscription service opens in North and South America today, June 13, ushering in a “new era” for the membership program, according to Sony.

Users may now subscribe to PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium, with each tier providing different perks. Check out GameSpot’s overview of the new PlayStation Plus program for additional information.

According to PlayStation’s Jim Ryan, the debut of the latest edition of PlayStation Plus signifies a “major advancement of our game subscription service offering.”

He added: “The high calibre of content is what marks PlayStation Plus, and the service will grow with new monthly game offerings that include some of the most recognised titles on PlayStation systems. We are incredibly grateful for our PlayStation community’s unwavering support throughout the years.”

One of the advantages of the new PlayStation Plus edition is the catalogue of titles from first- and third-party developers that users on higher tiers may play for free. Red Dead Redemption 2, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and NBA 2K22 are among the games available today.

Members on higher tiers will also get access to iconic titles that will be published in the future, such as Syphon Filter, Tekken 2, and Ape Escape. Players may expect faster frame rates and higher resolution. Some original PlayStation and PSP titles will also include the option to save or rewind.

Another notable feature of the new PlayStation Plus is that everyone who is presently subscribing to PlayStation Now will have their membership upgraded to the Premium tier at no additional cost.

PlayStation Plus is already available in Japan and other Asian countries. Sony says that the initial edition of PlayStation Plus, which began in 2010, was the first console membership program to offer a “regularly replenished library of monthly titles.” Meanwhile, PlayStation Now debuted in 2014 and is widely regarded as the first console streaming service.

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