Millions of iPhones could be affected by the new messaging rules. The news comes at a time when Apple is counting down the days to the launch of its iPhone 14 and iOS 16.

According to a Forbes report, last year’s launch plans were marred by a controversial plan to scan iPhone content. Now a new code and warning have been issued for all iPhone users.

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The European Union has recently decided that large messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or iMessenger will have to work with smaller messaging platforms if they so request.

According to the European Union, large and small platforms will be able to send messages, files, or make video calls from one app to another, which means more options for users.

According to Forbes, the Digital Markets Act will cause a number of problems for Apple, including ending its monopoly on the App Store.

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Which will have the most severe effect on iMessage.

A signal or telegram user will then be able to send a message to someone’s WhatsApp or iMessage.

According to Forbes, the process of ending the monopoly could pose serious security and technical risks.

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