The Last of Us HBO Series Leaked Hospital is shown in leaked HBO set photos, Those who have been following the many leaks from HBO’s The Last of Us series know that the show’s narrative appears to be quite similar to the games. Indeed, these leaked photographs from the set of “Firefly Hospital” appear to suggest that the program will eventually mimic the game’s dramatic climax.

Take a closer look at the photographs themselves before we discuss our opinions on what appears to be some of the most significant leaked photos from the series’ set thus far:

Not only do those images come from a trustworthy source, but they’re backed up by rumours that the actors and crew of the show were recently spotted filming in and near a hospital. This material is fascinating for a variety of reasons.

As previously said, it appears that the programme would aim to recreate The Last of Us’ breathtaking ending, in which Joel “rescues” Ellie from being dissected by Firefly doctors. While these images do not ensure that the intricacies of the incident will be preserved in the programme, it’s difficult to envision the series changing that scenario considerably.

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After all, it’s the game’s most memorable narrative moment, as well as the scenario that sets the tone for so many pivotal events in 91.

But that’s not the strangest thing about these photographs. While we know that The Last of Us will only have ten episodes in its first season, there has been a lot of hope among those closest to the project that the show would be renewed for many seasons. Given this, several fans questioned if the show’s first season would cover all of the events in the first game. After all, if each season of the programme merely retells the events of each game, by the conclusion of a hypothetical second season, the show will have run out of approved content.


Granted, it’s a bit early to speculate about what’s next for The Last of Us, but these images definitely imply that the first season of the programme will feature most of the important events from the original game. Not only does this hint at how the game’s story will be spread out across 10 episodes (there are technically 12 “chapters” in The Last of Us if you include the prologue and epilogue scenes), but it also implies that the series’ first season won’t veer too far from the events of the original game.

Any major variances may need to be saved for future seasons.

Looking ahead, I’m curious to see whether future seasons of the programme expand on the series’ backstory in any meaningful way. It’d be intriguing to see some of the events only hinted at in The Last of Us Part 2 come to life on film…

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