Despite the fact that Stray was only recently released, someone has already deciphered the game’s mysterious language. To make the world of Stray more cryptic and mysterious, this language employs a substitution cypher. (A substitution cypher is a method of encrypting text by replacing each letter or symbol with a different symbol, which can then be unscrambled with a key.)

And now, Josh Wirtanen of HalfGlassGaming has cracked Stray’s cypher and shared how we can do the same (thanks, RockPaperShotgun). I’ve embedded some screenshots from the game within this article, so if you haven’t played it yet or want to avoid spoilers, take this as your cue to read something else on Eurogamer.

Wirtanen began his decoding project with the game’s chapter titles, explaining that because they are written in both English and Stray’s native language, it was “a decent place to start” the decoding marathon.

However, these did not always correspond exactly, with Wirtanen revealing that “the chapter subtitled ‘The Slums’ is actually called ‘Home: The Slums Part One.'”

From there, he went on to examine the rest of the world’s media, including music sheets (which, if you are currently on the hunt for these yourself, you can check out our guide on where to find them here).

With all of this information, Wirtanen was able to create a key for Stray’s language (as seen in the image below) that will allow us all to try our hand at code cracking.

Wirtanen claims that using this code helps to bring the world of Stray to life, though he does admit that the translations can be a little wonky and make little sense at times.

For example, the TV image below translates to “EATHER. In exchange for a VIP ticket. If you want to live in a clean city, simply “.

Others, like this newspaper headline reading “Droids News,” make more sense. Given that this is a droid newspaper, this makes sense.

My personal favourite of Wirtanen’s translations is the bag with the words “best bag” embossed on it. We all require the best bag in our lives.

If you want to try translating some more of Stray’s language, there are a few instances where the text is rotated. That will undoubtedly keep you on your paws (sorry, toes!).

In other news, mods have taken control of Stray. There are now options to play as a dog (which both my canine pal The Captain and I are overjoyed about), Garfield, or even CJ from GTA San Andreas (yes, actually).

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