TikTok, which uses the most popular video-sharing app TikTok among young people around the world, can now make money through advertising, TikTok has introduced an advertising revenue-sharing program for video makers.

Now, under the TikTok new Plus program, companies will be able to add content from specific categories (health, fashion, cooking, gaming) to their ads.

“We will start exploring our first advertising revenue sharing program with creators, public figures, and media publishers, we will monetize the available markets,” said Byte Dance, a Chinese company. Are focused on solving the problem so that the creators can be made aware of their importance and the rewards they get.

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Which TikTok Can Make Money From Advertising?

In this regard, TikTok says that only accounts with at least one lakh subscribers will be eligible for the first phase of the program

When will this program start?

Sandy Hawkins, the firm’s general manager for North America, said the program would be launched in the United States in June and that selected creators would receive 50 percent of the revenue from advertising revenue.

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