OnePlus is expected to unveil its first OnePlus foldable phone next year, according to rumors. Along with Samsung, OnePlus is one of the few Android smartphone companies with a global presence in the premium segment.

Folding smartphones, on the other hand, are conspicuously absent from the company’s product line. OnePlus is attempting to alter that, and the newest allegation suggests that it might happen as soon as next year.

For months, the OnePlus has been the subject of folding phone rumors.

According to an April story, OnePlus’ first folding smartphone will be based on the Oppo Find N, which debuted in China in December.

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According to a November 2021 report, the company is working on a tri-folding smartphone with two hinges. However, no specific information is presently available on that gadget.

A credible tipper, Max Jambor, has recently tweeted a teaser graphic hinting that OnePlus would debut a foldable phone in 2023.

However, it looks that additional foldable phones are in the works. Jambor claims that the business is working on “many” foldable goods for 2023.

He didn’t reveal anything about any of these devices, causing the site to believe that one of them may be the second-generation Oppo Find N, which is set to be released later this year.

Given that many of OnePlus’ phones are renamed or considerably altered versions of previous Oppo smartphones, this isn’t a crazy idea.

OnePlus’ multiple Foldable Smartphones

It would be fascinating to watch how their designs change if OnePlus releases additional foldable devices next year.

While the Oppo Find N is a Galaxy Z Fold-style device that unfolds into a tablet, OnePlus may introduce a clamshell foldable like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 or the Moto Razr (2019).

When it comes to the tri-folding gizmo that the business designed in 2021, there are at least three alternatives.

It’s worth noting that no matter how many folding smartphones OnePlus makes in 2023, not all of them will be aimed at overseas markets.

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Because the company now only sells a small number of gadgets in the United States, it will be interesting to see if a similar strategy extends to its foldable next year.

The Oppo Find N was exclusively available in China, but if the company foldable are rebranded by OnePlus, subsequent folding phones may be sold worldwide.

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