Tesla has delivered a record number of cars in 2022 1Q. In the first three months of this year, electric vehicle manufacturers are said to have delivered more than 310,000 units. And this was over 70% greater than the previous year at the same time.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, said that this increase occurred despite an “extremely difficult quarter” which included rigorous coronavirus restrictions in China, where Tesla has a “Giga plant.”

According to data released over the weekend, Tesla has delivered around 310,048 cars from the beginning of this year to the end of March, up from 184,800 a year ago. Mr. Musk said on Twitter that “this was an exceptionally difficult quarter due to supply chain interruptions and China zero Covid policy.”  “Outstanding work by Tesla team and key suppliers saved the day.”

The world’s most valuable carmaker will release its full financial results for the period on April 20th.

Tesla has a ‘Giga factory’ in Shanghai, which is a large-scale automotive production facility that also produces lithium-ion batteries that power the vehicles.

It was later reported to be closed due to a spike in coronavirus infections in the city.

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