Tekken 2 was accidentally listed at over $10,000 on the PSN store, which drew the attention of Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada.

The PS1 classic fighter was introduced to the shop as part of the PS Plus membership, but as Twitter user TheKBGamer pointed out, the game was mistakenly priced at $9999.

Harada said in the tweet, “What a great bargain, Sony.” At that price, he would have Tekken quite the bonus.

The launch of PS Plus in the United States brought hundreds more titles to the subscription that were previously unavailable to consumers in Asia.

The whole list of games may be found right here.

Europe will have to wait a bit longer for access: it will be available here on June 23rd, along with Australia and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, in Tekken news, Tekken 7 just became the series’ best-selling game, selling 53 million units.

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