Suzuki increased car prices: Pakistan Suzuki has increased the prices of its vehicles for the second time in 2022. According to media reports, Suzuki has announced an increase in car prices from Rs. 1,19,000 to Rs. 1,615,000.

The new prices will be applicable from April 1, 2022. The price of Suzuki Alto VX has been increased by Rs. 1,19,000 which has now increased from Rs.13,06000 to Rs. 14,25000

Similarly, the price of Suzuki Wagner VXL has been increased by Rs. 1,54,000 from Rs. 19,75,000 to Rs. 2129,000.The price of Suzuki Cultus VXL has increased from Rs. 22,44000 to Rs. 24,74000 after an increase of Rs. 2,30,000.

Suzuki Car NameOld PricesNew Prices
Suzuki Alto VXRs.13,06,000Rs. 14,25,000
Suzuki Wagner VXLRs. 19,75,000Rs. 21,29,000
Suzuki Cultus VXLRs. 22,44000Rs. 24,74000
Swift GLX CVTRs. 28,99,000 Rs. 31,69,000
Bolan AC boxRs. 12,65,000Rs.13,70,000
Suzuki Jimny JeepRs. 45,90,000Rs.60,49,000
Suzuki APVRs. 46,75,000Rs. 62,90,000
Suzuki New Price Tabel

After the price of Swift GLX CVT increased by Rs. 270,000, its price increased from Rs. 2899,000 to Rs. 3169,000. The price of the Bolan AC box has been increased by Rs. 150,000 which has increased from Rs. 12,65,000 to Rs.13,70,000

Similarly, the price of c Jimny Jeep has increased from Rs. 45,90,000 to Rs.60,49,000 after an increase of Rs. 14,59,000

The price of the Suzuki APV van has increased from Rs. 46,75,000 to Rs. 62,90,000 after an extraordinary increase of Rs. 16,15,000.

Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company informed the dealers about this, The new prices are also applicable from April 1.

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