Starting in July, Sea of Thieves players will be able to name their ships.

It’s taken four years of pleading, but Sea of Thieves players will finally be allowed to name their own ships starting in July when the long-awaited Captaincy Update debuts as part of Season Seven.

The Captaincy Update was initially planned to be one of the game’s first post-launch upgrades, allowing Pirate Legends the option to design their own legendary ship and carve a frightening name for themselves on the waters. They’d also begin each session in the Legendary Hideout, blasting down its waterfall and making a spectacular entry on the main map.

Unfortunately, following the shaky launch of Sea of Thieves, Rare revealed that the Captaincy upgrade will be put “on the back burner” as it refocused its development. Since then, the Captaincy update has become folklore, with many believing it was lost to time.

However, as stated during tonight’s Xbox Showcase, it’s back, albeit on a far greater scale than was initially planned. Captains of Adventure (as Season Seven will be titled) brings a slew of new features centered on the notion of becoming the captain of your own individual vessel, as revealed through the medium of song in the newly posted video above.

When Season Seven arrives, players will be able to buy their own ships, name them, and decorate their cabins with a variety of luxurious decorations, with all customizations preserved between sessions. Captains will also be able to pick their pathways (whatever that means), collect unique awards, and spend new cash-in points around the ocean, among other things. Unfortunately, no information on the whole bursting out of a waterfall thing.

Specifics are still being kept under wraps, but anticipate more information once the Captains of Adventure update for Sea of Thieves arrives on July 21st.

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