Sony has announced that it has removed the option for existing PlayStation Plus customers to renew their subscriptions, as well as the possibility for anybody to add future membership via pre-paid cards until the revised program is available in late June.

This week, PlayStation Plus users discovered that they couldn’t redeem pre-paid voucher cards to prolong their subscription period – even if it was set to expire. Customers who were perplexed were assured the issue was “temporary,” but no additional explanation was provided.

Sony has now updated its FAQ website for its future PlayStation Plus adjustments, acknowledging the shift – and stating that, for the time being, you’ll only be able to redeem pre-paid vouchers you’ve purchased once your existing Plus subscription expires.

“If you currently have a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now membership, due to changes we are making to the service prior to launch, you won’t be able to redeem a voucher code for that service until your existing membership expires and deactivates,” Sony wrote, “or after the new PlayStation Plus service launches in your area, whichever happens first. Rest assured that your voucher code is still valid.”

What is causing this? And why are users who purchased PlayStation Plus or Now cards now merely receiving error messages when attempting to redeem the membership time they purchased? Sony goes on:

“As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus membership program, we are working behind the scenes to ensure that the transition is as painless as possible for all of our existing members,” Sony stated. “As part of this effort, we have temporarily prohibited stacking memberships for existing customers until the launch.”

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“Relax, your voucher code is still valid, and you will be able to use it either when your current membership expires and deactivates, or when the new PlayStation Plus service starts in your region, whichever comes first.”

PlayStation said earlier this week that existing Now users would be upgraded to the forthcoming Premium tier of PlayStation Plus for the length of any ongoing Plus membership. As a result, many Plus users attempted to renew their subscription at the service’s existing price, only to discover that redemption coupons were no longer valid.

Eurogamer has requested further information from PlayStation.

As a reminder, PS Plus Premium will not be available in Europe until June 22nd (13th June in the US).

So, if you purchased a coupon for extended PlayStation Plus membership time, you’ll have to wait until June 22nd to use it – unless your existing subscription expires before.

Anyone who is not a current Plus or Now member and has a voucher should be able to redeem it normally, allowing them to join the service in the interim.

Following the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service, current vouchers will be subject to a conversion scheme in which you may select the plan for which they will be redeemed.

One-month Plus vouchers can be used to purchase 31 days of Plus Essential, 20 days of Plus Extra, or 17 days of Plus Premium. Three-month Plus certificates can be used to purchase 92 days of Plus Essential, 58 days of Plus Extra, or 46 days of Plus Premium. Finally, 365 days of Plus Essential, 219 days of Plus Extra, or 183 days of Plus Premium will be redeemed with a 12-month Plus coupon.

The costs change again if you have a PlayStation Now coupon.

One month of Plus Essential, 25 days of Plus Extra, or 21 days of Plus Premium will be redeemed with a one-month Now certificate. Three-month Now certificates may be used to purchase 105 days of Plus Essential, 66 days of Plus Extra, or 53 days of Plus Premium. Finally, 365 days of Plus Essential, 219 days of Plus Extra, or 183 days of Plus Premium will be redeemed with a 12-month Now certificate.

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