Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are becoming 3D, and Sony wants to be the company that brings them there. Theta Labs (THETA), South Korea’s blockchain network operator, claimed in a press release shared with that the new 3D NFTs were designed to be used with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, a display unit that features a high-speed vision sensor that follows users’ eye movements to create 3Ds based on eye positions. The gadget does not require goggles or other eye-protective equipment.

The gadget will be available in late 2020 and will cost roughly USD 5,000.

Theta indicated that the parties will offer up a scenario in which NFTs “representing any in-world digital item, avatar, or collectible may be seen and exhibited in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form” in an initial “pilot project.”

According to the South Korean firm, the move would provide “a new realism and a tangible presence to the metaverse.”

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A “Theta-powered” NFT – ten copies of a token called “The Tiki Guy” – will be included in the project. The Sony connection comes in the form of these 10 tokens, which will allow owners with US shipping addresses to redeem a Sony Spatial Reality Display gadget.

The design of the NFT is inspired by Tiki masks, which originated in ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures: hand-carved, wooden ornamental masks that symbolized deities and were meant to ward off evil spirits.

Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, according to Theta, will give a “whoa, baby” experience for NFTs and “showcase NFTs and virtual experiences in a whole new way.”

The mask-themed NFTs will be meant “to demonstrate the next-generation capabilities of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display,” according to Theta, and will allow “collectors” to examine their “digital metaverse assets” in “fully 3D accessory-free mode.”

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Those without access to 3D display equipment will be able to purchase “2D versions for viewing on regular monitors,” according to the business.

The cooperation, according to Theta, would allow NFTs “representing any in-world digital item, avatar, or collectible” to “be visualized and shown in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form,” assisting in “bringing a new reality and a physical presence to the metaverse.”

Meanwhile, Sony was cited as saying that the NFT initiative was “simply the latest approach” for the company to demonstrate its “fast adoption of metaverse-friendly technologies.”

Sony’s music and entertainment divisions have already been involved in NFTs, with collaborations ranging from a “Baby Shark” token issue with the popular video’s South Korean producer Pinkfong to “Spider-Man”-related NFTs. Both Sony and its rival Universal revealed last month that they had collaborated with Snowcrash, an NFT trading platform associated with veteran music legend Bob Dylan.

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Meanwhile, Theta collaborated with Samsung’s smartphone development team in February of this year to introduce a line of NFT digital collectibles to coincide with the release of two new Samsung smart devices, the Galaxy S22 and the Tab S8. Customers in South Korea who pre-booked and pre-ordered devices received commemorative NFTs.

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