According to the recently conducted Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat has over 600 million active users worldwide. Snap is also adding new AR capabilities to its platform, including a whole suite of editing tools under the new Director Mode.

This Partner Summit was most likely a sigh of relief for many of the investors who have monies invested with the platform. With so many social media platforms available, it’s easy to forget that Snapchat is not only a prominent competitor in the business but also a pioneer in some of its mainstays.

Snapchat is responsible for Stories and many of the AR features that we associate with TikTok or Instagram. Snap, the platform’s parent business, has always been particularly interested in inventing fresh and innovative technology uses for an alternate reality, whether for Snaps, Spotlights, or the firm’s real-life ventures such as Spectacles.

In any case, with 600 million members and 332 million daily active users globally, it’s apparent that audiences and consumers are reacting to the platform’s innovations and non-traditional approach to social networking.

This is presumably why the Partner Summit revealed Snap doubling down on its features, opting to construct an entirely new studio’s worth of special effects and camera modifications for users to experiment with. Snap’s “Director Mode” allows its users to be as creative as they want with whatever material they wish to create.

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This new mode’s additional features include a dedicated green screen, complemented by Snapchat’s enormous library of filters and things. There are also new camera tricks that can be used while shooting, such as one that allows users to video with both their front and rear cameras at the same time, echoing the old Frontback app that has tragically been lost to time.

While this is all excellent news, Snap also shared some terrible news with the community during the Summit. Well, “bad news” is a relative phrase here because this benefits investors and partners. Snap will now play mid-roll commercials on Snapchat, which will function similarly to Instagram ads. They are readily scrolled through, and most of them resemble legitimate platform postings, but they nevertheless invite an extremely irritating pause from one’s browsing.

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