Crypto News: Until a few years ago, the majority of the population did not even know the name of bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its echo is being heard around the world.

Is the African country Nigeria or the US White House, the European Union, or the South Asian region? Hers bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have made headlines since the Russian invasion.

In the wake of Bitcoin’s growing popularity, a Dubai school has begun considering the option of charging fees for digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

According to Gulf media, a statement issued by Citizens School said that following the legislation enacted by Dubai for corrupt assets, we are considering providing a facility for parents to pay fees in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The school administration says that the method and platform prescribed by the government will be used to recover the corrupt currencies. Which automatically converts digital currency into dirhams.

In this regard, Zavia Adil Al-Zaruni, the founder of Citizens School, says “Before this, the corrupt currency was circulating only among the investors, However, now that the cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream, it is changing the traditional financial system”

He said “With this new payment system, we are seeing a growing role for the younger generation in the UAE’s digital economy,”

Earlier this month, UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved a new law on digital assets.

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