Samsung is on the verge of becoming an Apple M2 chip supplier, According to reports, Samsung is attempting to secure a spot in Apple’s supply chain for the M2 processor, similar to how it assisted Apple in getting the M1 chip off the ground.

Apple’s latest in-house ARM-based chipset, the M1, has taken the PC and mobile industry by storm. Because the latter silicon supplanted Intel in Apple’s product selection, the market shifted dramatically. Apple’s new chipset is used in the company’s tablet, notebook, and PC lines, therefore M1 chips are plentiful. The business is now working on the M2 chip, and Samsung wants to be a part of it.

The Apple M1 was partly made possible by Samsung

Samsung Electro-Mechanics was instrumental in the development of Apple’s M1 processor. Samsung provided Apple with FC-BGA (full-chip ball grid array) substrates, which are used for high-density circuit connections in CPUs and GPUs.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is currently attempting to secure its role as an FC-BGA supplier for Apple’s next-generation M2 chip, according to industry watchers cited by BusinessKorea.

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Samsung has yet to make an official statement on the subject. The corporation did, however, reportedly invest 1.3 trillion won in December to develop FC-BGA production facilities in Vietnam, and another 300 billion won in March to expand its current FC-BGA facility in Korea.

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