Samsung has revealed a new Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM version that can offer extraordinarily large memory capacity with minimal latency in IT systems.

Since unveiling the industry’s first CXL DRAM prototype with an FPGA controller in May of last year, the Korean hardware behemoth has been collaborating with the data center, corporate server, and chipset vendors to develop an upgraded and adaptable CXL device.

When compared to its prototype, Samsung’s new CXL DRAM is designed with an ASIC CXL controller and is the first device of its kind to pack in 512GB of DDR5 DRAM with four times the memory capacity and one-fifth the system latency.

Cheolmin Park, VP of memory worldwide sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics and director of the CXL Consortium, gave more insight into the benefits of CXL DRAM in a news release, saying:

“CXL DRAM will become a critical turning point for future computing structures by substantially advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and big data services, as we aggressively expand its usage in next-generation memory architectures including software-defined memory (SDM). Samsung will continue to collaborate across the industry to develop and standardize CXL memory solutions while fostering an increasingly solid ecosystem.”

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As the metaverse, AI, and big data have resulted in massive increases in the amount of data produced, conventional DDR design limits memory capacity scaling beyond the tens of terabyte range, which is why Samsung and other CXL Consortium members are working to develop an entirely new memory interface.

Because CXL and main memory share a vast pool of memory, a server’s memory capacity may be increased to tens of terabytes while also raising its bandwidth to several terabytes per second.

The new 512GB CXL DRAM from Samsung will be the first memory device to support the PCIe 5.0 interface. The device will also be available in an EDSFF (E3.S) form factor, making it ideal for next-generation high-capacity business servers and data centers.

Simultaneously, the company intends to release an updated version of its open-source Scalable Memory Development Kit (SMDK), which will enable the CXL memory expander to work seamlessly in heterogeneous memory systems, allowing developers to incorporate CXL memory into their IT systems running AI, big data, and cloud applications.

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In the next quarters, Samsung will begin sampling its 512GB CXL DRAM with customers and partners for collaborative assessment and testing, with intentions to have it ready for commercial sale whenever next-generation server platforms are available.

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